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Forces Children Scotland Mascot Design Competition

Gary Seath 5 months ago

Forces Life Media

Design a mascot for Forces Children Scotland

We are looking for budding young artists from armed forces communities to design our mascot.

The mascot will feature on Forces Children Scotland’s website, resources, and promotional materials.

Young people have until the end of the Month of the Military Child (April) to get involved.


Aspiring artists – Grab your crayons, paintbrushes, and pencils!

Digital designers! – Open up Canva, Illustrator, or Photoshop!

It’s time to showcase your creativity!

What the mascot could look like

Ask yourself one simple question – If you had to create something to help your friends understand your identity as a forces child, what would it look like?


Here’s some helpful tips:

Think about coming up with something original. What we mean is we don’t want to copy mascots, like Pudsey Bear for Children in Need or Mickey Mouse for Disney.

Think about celebrating the things that make being a forces child different, compared to your civilian friends.

Think about how you feel about being a forces child and give people a sense of what your parent does in the armed forces.

Think about adding military themes or colours to your designs to help civilian friends recognise that your mascot is about forces children.


Here’s some further helpful tips!

  • A mascot is a person, animal or object that represents a team or organisation.
  • It can help to make the organisation stand out and be recognisable.
  • It should showcase our values of being passionatetrustworthy , collaborative and honest


Your design can be a picture, emblem, drawing, collage, or graphic – whatever works for you! Simply have fun in getting creative!

Here’s the competition details

Forces children from across Scotland can take part in the competition, including those who have a parent serving in the armed forces as a regular or reservist and those who have a parent who previously served.

We have three age categories  – a winner will be picked from each category and we will then take the winning designs from each category to decide on an overall winner for the competition, who will win a cash prize voucher and a digital print of their replica Mascot.

Each age group winner will receive a cash voucher prize too.

The age groups for the competition are:

4-8 years | 9–11 years | 12–16 years.


Submitting your competition entry

The closing date for competition entries is 5pm on 29 April 2024.

Entries will be judged by members of our team, as well as children and young people from our youth forums.

Here’s what we need you to include as part of your competition entry:

  • Your mascot design.
  • Your name, age, and contact details.
  • A summary (100 words) about why we should pick your design.


Entries will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection (GDPR) Act 2018.

Email your competition entry to: