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Enhancing mental health at Queen Victoria School

Gary Seath 1 year ago

Forces Life Mental Health

The Lighthouse Project provides a guiding light to better understand and enhance mental health and wellbeing at Queen Victoria School.

Mental health and wellbeing outcomes have improved for 92% of pupils receiving one-to-one support, and 96% of drop-in session attendees.

Forces Children Scotland delivers services in partnership with Queen Victoria School – a boarding school for pupils from armed forces and veteran families in Dunblane.

Having listened to staff and pupils express a need for specialist support, funding was secured from ABF: The Soldiers Charity and the Scottish Military Ball.

Services include one-to-one support, drop-in sessions, and peer mentorship activities, tailored to individual need in a specially created space within the school.

Lilly-Grace’s Story

In this video, Lilly-Grace describes how the Lighthouse Project has helped her to overcome specific mental health challenges.

What pupils have said

Please note, we have changed the identities of respondents in this section.

James: S2 pupil

“You can go there if you are feeling like you need to get a weight off your mind and you can come out smiling.  We really want to keep the Lighthouse Project services going because pupils need a space that is just for them and can help them in a time of trouble. It is only just beginning – Let the Lighthouse Shine!”

Chloe: S2 pupil

“When you are there, you get the chance to be away from worries and talk things through in a quiet and private place where you can really open up about stuff.  If your dad is deployed, you can talk about that and feel like nobody is judging you if you get upset or need to say how you feel.”

What school staff have said

The Lighthouse Project has embedded a whole-school approach to better understand and enhancing mental health and wellbeing at Queen Victoria School.

This approach encourages pupils to openly share support needs with staff and to provide tools for teachers and the wider team to respond effectively.

Please note, we have changed the identities of respondents in this section.

Mr Jones: House Master

“When we refer pupils to CAMHS they are often waiting up to 18 months to see someone after the initial referral. Having this service within the school, where pupils access help when they need it has been transformative. We absolutely see the impact of the service and feel it is really meeting the unique needs of our service community.”

Mrs Black: Maths Teacher

“The Lighthouse Project services is making a huge difference to the wellbeing of pupils. We are seeing them becoming increasingly confident in self-referring when they are struggling with a range of issues from exam stress to bereavement, loss, and change within their families.

“The Lighthouse Project provides a vital service for pupils who need that extra bit of support or a breathing space when it is most needed.  We are seeing our pupils build their skills in self-care and resilience and learn that it’s okay not to be okay in a really supportive space.”

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