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Podcast series amplifies boarding school experience

Gary Seath 1 year ago

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Forces Children Scotland has worked with Queen Victoria School to co-produce a series of podcasts, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

Queen Victoria School is a boarding school in Dunblane for pupils from armed forces and veteran families, who are nurtured and encouraged to exceed their potential in every way.

The charity has worked directly with pupils to share lived experiences via an engaging series of podcasts to help younger peers to get better informed and prepared for boarding school.

Pupils received marketing and communications training from Forces Children Scotland to unleash their creative talents to amplify their lived experience through the podcasts.

The podcasts are an idea generated by the group who wanted to do more to help younger peers, known as ‘Pre-Victorians’, to adapt to a boarding school environment.

Recorded over three episodes, the pupils describe their first-day experiences, day-to-day routines, and extra-curricular activities as part of their wider boarding school experience.

Themes of community and belonging run through the three episodes, where pupils describe forging strong relationships with peers, school staff, and the wider community of Dunblane.

The podcasts were recorded using audio and film to provide a real sense of the personalities behind the storytelling and to gently break the ice when it comes to joining Queen Victoria School.

Pupils travelled to Glasgow to record in a professional studio, which provided an opportunity to explore potential future career paths in the creative industries.

Gary Seath, Marketing, Communications, and Development Manager for Forces Children Scotland said:

“We are very fortunate to work with an incredibly talented group who have come up with this fantastic idea to support younger peers coming to Queen Victoria School in the future.

“Embedding lived experience is at the heart of everything we do. I am confident our podcasts will help to make the transition to boarding school a little easier in an open, honest, and engaging way.

“It proved an incredible experience for all involved. The topics covered across the three episodes have painted a very bold, vivid, and positive picture of what young people can expect when they join Queen Victoria School.

“I think the podcasts will prove insightful for civilian peers, educators, professionals, and decision-makers too which will enhance greater understanding about the lives led by young people from this very special community.

“I am delighted we provided an opportunity for the pupils to record the podcasts in a professional studio environment; an experience which has boosted confidence and expanded horizons in many different ways.

“Most importantly huge credit goes to the pupils for their passion and commitment; all of whom have very bright futures ahead of them and we’re delighted to provide a valuable experience that helps them to realise their potential and thrive.”

The episodes were filmed at Rebel Loop Studios and will be released in March 2023.


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