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Careers Week 2022 | Hannah Craig

Gary Seath 2 years ago

Education Support Media

Forces Children Scotland is working in partnership with Skills Development Scotland for Scottish Careers Week (07-11 November 2022), which is about helping people of all ages explore, understand, and manage their career choices, and the services and resources available to support them.

We have reached out to young people from armed forces and veteran families to put a series of case studies together to learn more about how their unique experiences can impact their pathway toward positive futures, compared to civilian peers.

Better still, we find out what they feel should be done to help peers overcome challenges, and how getting involved with Forces Children Scotland has helped to develop new skills and build confidence in order to dream big when it comes to career choices.

Our next case study focuses on Hannah Craig.

If you had to choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

“Independent, Intelligent and Confident.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your family background – are you from an armed forces or veteran family? How is life different, compared to your civilian friends?

“I’m from a veteran family. I don’t think my life has been much different from my friends lives since my dad was a veteran when I was born.

We’re doing case studies to celebrate Careers Week – can you tell us a little bit about your university, college, or apprenticeship course? Where and what are you studying and how are things going?

“I’m studying Scots Law at the University of Glasgow. My experience at University has been a bit different from what I expected since I started during the pandemic, however, the entire experience has been great. I’ve made new friends and I’m in my penultimate year of University.”

What are your future plans once you graduate? Tell us more about the master plan for shaping your positive future to land your dream career!

“Once I graduate, I will be going back to University to get my diploma in order to practice law. After I have done this, I hope to practice law in medical negligence or personal injury with a law firm.”