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Save the date | Double your kindness in May

Gary Seath 2 months ago

Fundraising Media

Save the date | Double your kindness in May

Donate in support of our Kind²Mind match-giving campaign next month.

Donations make double the difference to support children and young people from armed forces communities overcome mental health challenges.

We are delighted to share the great news that Forces Children Scotland has been selected to feature in the Big Give’s Kind²Mind match-funding campaign.

The campaign takes place from 14-28 May, which provides time to tell you a little more about what it’s about and how your support will make double the difference.


First and foremost – our aim is to raise £2500.00 over the two weeks, which will be doubled by the Big Give to make £5000.00.

Funds raised will help children from armed forces communities to understand and overcome unique mental health challenges, through our Your Mind matters project.

A small act of kindness goes a long way

Match-giving means double the difference

Kind²Mind seeks to support charities offering valuable services to address, prevent, research, treat, campaign and raise awareness about mental health as part of their work.

Donations will help children and young people from armed forces communities overcome unique challenges to mental health and wellbeing.

Your donation will help in two main ways:

  • It will ensure we continue to deliver vital one-to-one and peer support services in primary and secondary schools in the West of Scotland. We have big plans to expand our services in other areas, so whatever you can donate will make a huge difference.
  • It will assist us to work directly with children and young people to co-produce downloadable mental health and wellbeing resources. These resources will be available for over 12,500 of their peer across Scotland via our Your Mind Matters Digital Hub.

It’s important to start things off by saying there are many positives of life in a forces family. However, there are many unique challenges too.

From the anxiety and uncertainty of parental deployment, family separation to taking on greater responsibilities around the house or caring roles for a loved one. Many will experience regular moves around the United Kingdom and overseas, which can disrupt education and learning, friendships, routines and much more too.

That’s simply the tip of the iceberg – Many can feel powerless in the face of change, isolated, lost and alone in new places, as well as anxious about what may lie ahead.

We will share lots of information and videos from children and young people throughout our campaign on our website and social channels.

So, get following us on Facebook, ‘X’, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok if you haven’t already before the campaign starts next month.

Match-giving means double the difference

Donating in support of our Kind²Mind match-giving campaign.

Donating is quick and very straight-forward. Most importantly, donations must be made through our Kind²Mind campaign page on

From there, you donate whatever you can which is matched to help make your kindness go twice as far. That means Double the Difference.

So, when you donate £5 it becomes £10, £20 becomes £40 and so on.


There are further ways you can help make double the difference!

Do you enjoy putting a fundraising event together? Great! Let’s have a chat about your ideas and making things happen.

Our campaign launches at 12pm on 14 May and will end on 28 May… But the campaigning to drive awareness starts now!


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