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Veterans Foundation Award

Gary Seath 1 year ago

Funding Media

We are delighted to announce that we have received generous funding from the Veterans Foundation.

The core grant received will enable our youth participation and mental health and wellbeing teams to support greater numbers of young people from armed forces and veteran families in many different ways across Scotland.

Co-developing projects, services and campaigns

Young people will co-produce innovative, impactful projects and services which help to better understand and overcome unique challenges when it comes to mental health and wellbeing, education and learning, making important transitions, and much more.

There will be opportunities to co-produce training and resources to help educators, and professionals to better understand the lives they lead and to encourage the adoption of a children’s rights approach to help meet unique support needs.

Better still, young people will join working groups to co-develop influencing and policy campaigns that amplify lived experience, transform attitudes, and champion meaningful change toward greater active participation in future policymaking.

All of these provide life-changing experiences which help to better understand and overcome unique challenges and develop new skills, build confidence, and forge friendships through a sense of belonging and shared experience.

We offer our sincere thanks to the Veterans Foundation for their support.


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