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Month of the Military Child Roadshow to visit Edinburgh.

Gary Seath 1 month ago


Forces Children Scotland encourages military and public communities to come together to celebrate the unique experiences of children from armed forces communities later this month.

The roadshow event will provide opportunities to participate in activities and listen to the voices of children from armed forces communities to enhance empathy and understanding about what it means to be a child from a military family today.

Over 12,500 children from armed forces communities live in Scotland. Many who engaged with the charity have said they feel their unique experiences aren’t widely understood, nor is it appreciated how life can prove different and impact many aspects of their lives.

They can grasp greater opportunities to travel, participate in activities off-limits to civilian peers, and absorb diverse cultures, whilst face challenges associated with regular relocations, parental deployment, family separation, and much more.

Edinburgh and its surrounding districts are home to an estimated 800 children from predominantly Army families, whose parents operate from Redford, Dreghorn, and Glencorse Barracks as well as overseas on exercise and operations.

Edinburgh Castle also serves as headquarters for 51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland, which is the Regional Point of Command responsible for ensuring essential support that enables the British Army in Scotland to operate effectively.

Mya has a parent in the Army, who feels people should know much more about the inner challenges faced by children from military families.

“Being a military child, you go through a lot; If you have a house in Edinburgh, but your dad is based in Aldershot, you won’t see your dad for weeks, or months, and some people just don’t understand that, or the mental challenges that can come with that too.

“I think most people need to know that it can be very difficult not seeing your parents all the time, no matter how long they’re gone, because it’s your parents, you have a bond with them, they’re your number one people.”

“I think the roadshow events will help others understand that being a military child is more difficult on the inside than it looks on the outside.”

Laura Falconer, Chief Executive Officer of Forces Children Scotland, said:

“Edinburgh has a very proud military heritage which serves as the perfect location to start our Month of the Military Child Roadshow.

“The event is an opportunity for armed forces families, professionals, policymakers, and interested members of the public to come together to learn more about the experiences of children from military families.

“From forging new connections and meeting their unique support needs to finding out more about advocating for their rights and supporting our work within communities across Edinburgh and beyond, we are putting the voice of children and young people from Armed Forces Families at the heart of our event on Wednesday 24 April.”



Editors Notes:

The roadshow event is free to attend and will take place at Dreghorn Loan Hall on Wednesday 24 April, from 3.30pm-5:30pm.

Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite: Month of the Military Child Roadshow | Edinburgh Tickets, Wed, Apr 24, 2024 at 3:30 PM | Eventbrite.

For more information please contact Gary Seath, Marketing, Communications, and Development Manager at:

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