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Scottish Children’s Lottery Grant Award

Gary Seath 12 months ago

Family Support Media

Family Support Services receives welcome funding boost

The Scottish Children’s Lottery Trust has awarded a generous £5000.00 grant to support Forces Children Scotland’s Family Support Services.

Over one hundred and sixty-two families and three hundred and twenty-five children and young people from armed forces and veteran families across Scotland were supported through the charity’s  family support services last year.

From helping to overcome the cost-of-living crisis, enhancing independence to developing skills and realising potential, the grant award provides a welcome boost to meet growing demand.

The charity experienced a 70% rise in applications over the past year, and the additional funds mean greater numbers of armed forces and veteran families can be supported during what continues to prove challenging times for so many.

80% of applications received during this period have cited the cost-of-living crisis as a primary reason for seeking support, who have required help to cover utility bills, food, furniture, clothing, bedding, extra-curricular activity costs, and much more.

Families, like the Clark Family, have communicated how crucial support provided has proved during challenging times, who said:

“It (the financial grant) has meant so much to us because so much pressure was taken off our shoulders. It has been one thing after another mentally over the past year and further financial strains added to the stress and pressure of everything.

“When I felt lost and helpless, Forces Children Scotland was there to support us and we will forever be grateful for all of this.”

Moreover, 50% more young carers and 30% more students have reached out for financial support. Funds have been used to enhance independence and respite opportunities as well as to cover living costs and to purchase learning materials to gain qualifications at college and university.

Chris received financial support from Forces Children Scotland, who achieved a first-class honours degree at university, he said:

“I am well aware what I have achieved wouldn’t have been possible had I not been lucky enough to receive a grant from Forces Children Scotland – I hope my success demonstrates how beneficial the charity’s financial and moral support can prove for students from the armed forces community.”

The charity provides financial support to families of regular and reservist personnel as well as veterans, through its crisis quick reaction, young carers, university and college, education and aspiration funds.

Laura Falconer, Chief Executive Officer of Forces Children Scotland, said:

“Forces Children Scotland wishes to thank the Scottish Children’s Lottery Fund Trust for generously supporting its Family Support Service.

“The support received will ensure the charity continues to meet the unique support needs of armed forces and veteran families across Scotland.

“Forces Children Scotland will work directly with families to overcome growing demand for support to overcome challenges concerning the impact of the cost of living crisis. Moreover, the charity will help children and young people to remove financial barriers to reduce isolation, and loneliness and to dream big to realise their potential and thrive.

“We are delighted that the Scottish Children’s Lottery Trust has partnered with us as part of our force for good supporting the armed forces community across Scotland.”

The Scottish Children’s Lottery has raised over £7 million for good causes to help local community groups, disadvantaged young people, families, carers, and other good causes supporting children who need it most.

Funds raised from playing the lottery are distributed by its grant-giving operations, through the Scottish Children’s Lottery Trust.

Scott Millar, Head of Charity Operations at Scottish Children’s Lottery said:

“The Scottish Children’s Lottery celebrates the opportunity to support Forces Children Scotland and their commendable Family Support Service. This grant award has been made possible by the kind-hearted players of the lottery, whose participation enables us to contribute meaningfully to this noble cause.

The funding will ensure that armed forces and veteran families across Scotland receive the vital assistance they need. The support received from the Scottish Children’s Lottery will enable the charity to address the challenges posed by the cost-of-living crisis and cater to the unique requirements of these deserving families.

Through direct engagement with families, the charity will break down financial barriers, reduce isolation, and cultivate an environment where children and young individuals can dream big and achieve their aspirations.

“It is our privilege to be part of this force for good, and work with Forces Children Scotland in our shared commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of these courageous families, empowering them to thrive and reach their full potential.”



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