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Forces Children Help Shape New Children’s Rights Plan

Gary Seath 5 months ago

Influencing Policy Media

Forces Children Help Shape Future Children’s Rights Landscape in Scotland.

Forces Children Scotland worked in partnership with Queen Victoria School to deliver a session that has enabled pupils from armed forces and veteran families to have their say in the co-development of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner‘s latest strategic plan.

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner in Scotland must make a Strategic Plan every four years, and the session delivered at Queen Victoria School forms part of the latest consultation with children and young people to collect views and opinions across Scotland.

The consultation has focused on asking groups of children and young people from diverse communities to think about, discuss, and answer six questions about what issues are most important and how the Children and Young People’s Commissioner can help.

The consultation has put six questions to young people based on five main issues; education, mental health, poverty, discrimination, and climate change to ascertain if these were the issues they were most concerned about, and whether there were other issues the plan should consider.

The questions that were asked as part of the consultation:

Are these the issues children and young people are most concerned about at the moment?

Tell us about any other important issues for children and young people in Scotland right now.

What issues do you think will become more of a concern for children and young people in Scotland in the future?

Choose three adjectives (describing words) or skills you think a good Commissioner needs.

Which powers should the Commissioner spend more time on over the next four years?

If you were Commissioner for the day, what would you choose to work on and why?