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Advisory Service

Advice for children, young people, parents, educators, professionals, and policymakers.

Advice and information service for forces children and, those supporting them or making decisions about their future.

We understand that life in armed forces and veteran families can be challenging.

It can present unique experiences, lots of changes, being the new kid, and adapting to new places, particularly when families move following a new posting.

From deployment, moving to a new school, making the change from military to civilian life, and much more.


Our Advisory Service provides answers to your questions.

You could be a young person, a parent, or a carer from a forces family looking for important advice, information, and signposting.
You might be an educator or a policymaker keen to enhance empathy, understanding, and practice.
We are here to answer questions that will matter to you.

From mental health and wellbeing, education, and learning, making important transitions, children’s rights, and much more.


Please contact us if you think we can help.

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What we offer

Our Advisory Service offers advice, support and signposting.

We specialise in helping  forces families, and the professionals and decision-makers around them, to better understand rights and entitlements.

You are not alone when it comes to having questions – here are some examples of enquiries we received:

  1. We are a family moving from England to Scotland and have questions about the Scottish school system.
  2. I am wondering if you can tell me more about what a Learning Needs Assessment is, and if I should investigate it for my child.
  3. Can you tell me more about the different types of learning difficulties and what are the signs of ADHD in children?
  4. I am a teacher looking to understand how to support a child from an armed forces family moving to our school.
  5. We are an armed forces family, and we are looking to understand what rights our child has due to their additional support needs (ASN).
  6. I am a young person from an armed forces family looking to understand more about my rights in Scotland.


Please contact us if you think we can help.

Contact us

Crisis contact points

Please note that our Advisory Service is not a crisis service.

If you are concerned about your mental health, or if you have found yourself feeling concerned about someone else, you can:

Call 111 – NHS 24

Call 116 123 – The Samaritans

Call 0800 83 85 87 – Breathing Space

Text: ‘YM’ to 85258 – Young Minds crisis chat

If you think you are in danger of hurting yourself or other people, you should call 999 or present to your local A&E department.