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Month of the military child

Month of the Military Child

Let’s get together to recognise, understand and celebrate unique lived experiences of young people who have a parent(s) serving in the armed forces.

Children from military families have told us that they feel seldom heard, and that lots of their unique experiences aren’t on the radar of peers and adults who either support them or make important decisions about their future.


What are we asking you to do

Celebrate the unique experiences of forces life that build a unique sense of confidence, purpose and identity.

Learn more about specific challenges faced when it comes to things like education and learning, mental health and wellbeing, and much more.

Enhance understanding and empathy about what it’s like to be a military child today to better meet their unique support needs.

Signpost children and young people from armed forces communities to Forces Children Scotland.

We’ll be updating this webpage with lots of  further fantastic content over the next month, so we hope to see you soon.

Coming soon! Video content from Kinloss and Colinton Primary Schools!


Having a family member deployed can be challenging for military children.

Listen to what pupils from Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh had to say.


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What’s life like for a military child?

Military children grow up in communities built on a strong sense of belonging.

Learn more about life as a military child from pupils from Hermitage Academy.


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Attend our Month of the Military Child Roadshow.

Open to anyone in the community, we are raising awareness and celebrating the unique experiences of children from military families for Month of the Military Child.


We have chosen locations where we know there are lots of military children.

You may be a professional supporting military children, someone interested in learning more about this community, or a local policymaker keen to learn more.

You might have someone in your family serving or who has served in the British Army Forces and looking to forge new connections and share experiences.

Most importantly, you might be a military child who wants to connect with peers who have shared experiences or to find out more about how we can help.

We are bringing communities together for the Month of the Military Child.


Click on our event pages below to book your free tickets via Eventbrite.

Boarding School Experience

Some parents will enroll their children at boarding school to avoid disrupting their studies due to postings across the UK and overseas.

Queen Victoria School is a boarding school for pupils who have parents serving in the British Armed Forces in Dunblane.


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Forces Children Scotland Mascot Competition

We’re looking for budding young artists from armed forces communities to design a mascot to feature on our website, resources, and promotional materials.

Here’s some helpful tips for getting children started:

  • Think about celebrating the things that make being a forces child different, compared to your civilian friends.
  • Think about how you feel about being a forces child and give people a sense of what your parent does in the armed forces.
  • Think about adding military themes or colours to your designs to help civilian friends recognise that your mascot is about forces children.

The closing date for competition entries is 5pm on 29 April 2024.

Find out more

What friends, teachers and decision-makers should know

To truly support children and young people from armed forces families, it’s important to listen to and understand their lived experiences.

We asked students from Hermitage Academy what they thought people should know to give them the help they need.


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Working with Forces Children Scotland

We worked with pupils from Queen Victoria School to co-produce a podcast series.

Listen to what the pupils involved had to say regarding how the process helped to build confidence, develop new skills and expand horizons.


The podcast series is available to watch now.

Watch podcasts

Further Short Videos

Listen more the voice of children and young people from armed forces communities across Scotland.

We have short videos covering weekending, being the new kid, postings, making friends and much more.

Missing Parents

Mya describes how challenging it can prove when you don’t see your parents for any given period of time.



Keira describes using ‘Family Grams’ to reach out to her parent when deployed on submarines.

Being the New Kid

Eva describes how it feels to be ‘The New Kid’ regarding moving around the United Kingdom and overseas in an armed forces family.


Mica describes how she used to cope when her dad used to go on deployment when she was much younger.


Josh will begin his acting studies later this year, so we asked him to describe a script for Month of the Military Child.