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Updated : August 1, 2022 2 mins read

Your Mind Matters

Updated : August 1, 2022 2 mins read

A new mental health and wellbeing service co-produced with and for young people from armed forces and veteran families.

Many children and young people told us being in an armed forces or veteran family can lead to unique challenges when it comes to mental health and wellbeing.

They also told us that civilian friends, teachers and decision-makers don’t understand how the lives they lead can impact how they feel on day-to-day basis.

That’s why we listened and secured funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund to work directly with children and young people to make Your Mind Matters happen.

Online mental mental health and wellbeing resources

We have co-created a Your Mind Matters Hub where you can get involved by taking an interactive online wellbeing quiz, download lots of helpful resources, listen to a series of podcasts and much more.

Children and young people have shared their lived experience to co-produces these resources with Forces Children Scotland to help peers to better understand and enhance lots of mental health and wellbeing topics.

Better still, many of these co-produced resources will prove useful for parents, as well as for educators and professionals who work with children and young people from the armed forces community to enhance understanding.

Simply click the link below to explore our Your Mind Matters Hub!

Your Mind Matters Hub

Face-to-face mental health and wellbeing support

We deliver one-to-one and peer support sessions at Hermitage Academy for pupils from armed forces and veteran families.

One-to-one sessions have delivered early intervention, immediate response and active monitoring to address challenges, as well as provide strategies to improve or maintain wellbeing and signpost towards additional help.

Peer support sessions provide a safe forum for pupils to share their unique experiences with peers, concerning mental health and wellbeing, by taking part in discussions to both give and receive advice through a variety of creative methods.

Do you work with children and young people from forces families and would like to know more about our face-to-face mental health and wellbeing service?

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Learn more about how we co-produced Your Mind Matters

We brought a group of young people from armed forces and veteran families together, who worked with the team at Forces Children Scotland and external creative partners to co-produce digital and face-to-face elements to Your Mind Matters.

Email us for further information.

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Get Help now

If you are concerned about your mental health, or if you have found yourself feeling concerned about someone else, you can:

Call 111 – NHS 24

Call 116 123 – The Samaritans

Call 0800 83 85 87 – Breathing Space

Text: ‘YM’ to 85258 – Young Minds crisis chat

If you think you are in danger of hurting yourself or other people, you should call 999 or present to your local A&E department.