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Updated : August 1, 2022 5.5 mins read

Common myths about being involved in military families

Updated : August 1, 2022 5.5 mins read


Young people from forces families are often swept into broader categories of support and can struggle with the lack of resonance and respect for their context and their way of life.

Young people tell us they need to have their voices heard, their experience recognised and bespoke support models which are designed with and for them. Our core group for Your Mind Matters have been vocal about the misunderstandings they face, the regular assumptions made and the fatigue of trying to explain the same things over and over, particularly to new friends and new schools when they move. There are also common frustrations around not being able to share the benefits of military life.

To promote better understanding and awareness, we have identified some key misunderstandings that Armed Forces young people often tell us about.

These themes highlight the diversity of experience within Armed Forces families and demonstrate that it’s clearly not as simple as black and white.

Young people are keen to share their unique experiences and more opportunities to share would promote their wellbeing.


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