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Updated : May 13, 2022 1 min read

This Way Up | YMM Group Poem

Updated : May 13, 2022 1 min read

YMM Project

This Way Up by the young people at the Your Mind Matters Residential and Rachel Bower

It is mixed blessings,
that awful feeling of an empty house,
new places, chances, people.

It is not how I speak or where I was born
it is where I was born and how I speak.
It is in me, a community, it is where I can drink the water.

It is complicated.

It is a rose quartz angel,
that smell of books, a knitting loom,
bracelet with charms: sheep, frog, heart.
It is wind in the willows, a baby vest,
ice bright trophy, a metal ring,
a passing on.

It is in my body, my grandma taught me,
it makes me feel safe.

I keep it with me
it is the only thing I’ve never lost
too precious to keep on me.

It is a different family life to friends.
It makes me feel calm.
It is a good house, it is a bad house,

it is complicated.

It is disruption
to school and work,
the pressure to know everything.

It is they don’t always go to war.
It is missing someone,

It is we can’t decorate or paint our rooms,
boxes, moving. It is not all bad.
It is new friends, places, people,
It is leaving friends,
friends leaving.

It is we are all different.

It is this way up.