Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have successfully adapted to virtual forms of engagement with children and young people from serving, reservist and veteran families across Scotland. Our local and national forums have continued to run, via Zoom, throughout the pandemic, successfully reducing isolation and enhancing and forging new connections through a sense of belonging, shared experience and solidarity.

Children and young people have co-designed our virtual sessions to contribute their unique experiences, creativity and voice to a range of impactful projects, as well as develop in confidence and learn new skills for life, learning and work.

Mental health and wellbeing is something we have all had to think about during these unprecedented times. Our children and young people have co-produced a series of fun-based social check-in sessions for some welcome breathing space during the pandemic.

Co-Production Projects

We are currently working on two exciting new projects – Your Mind Matters and Forces Life, which have received funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust. Our children and young people have also shaped our charity’s first Manifesto ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections earlier this year.


For further information, please contact Nina, our Children and Young People’s Participation Manager by emailing or calling 079 900 316 58.