Youth Participation | Board game and comic book project moves towards production

Forces Children Scotland received generous funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to develop its Forces Life Project.

The charity is working directly with young people from forces families across Scotland to co-produce a board game and comic book to creatively channel many of the positive and challenging aspects behind their unique lived experiences.

It is hoped their creativity will become an important learning resource for civilian classmates as well as a valuable professional development tool for teachers in schools as well as those involved in youth work and similar community settings.

Our project team, comprising staff and young people, has worked very hard behind the scenes since May, who have arrived at the exciting stage when things have started to come together as bold, colourful board game designs and dramatic storyboards.

Here’s an update with regards to what’s been achieved so far.

Board Game

The project team formed an interview panel in May to interview six product design students from Edinburgh Napier University. Having viewed a wonderful series of presentations, the panel appointed Heather Fletcher as their Creative Consultant.

Our project team worked with Heather during a two-day residential held at Edinburgh Napier University in July, which explored a range of creative considerations, including gaming mechanisms, themes, and components.

The project team has continued to work with Heather on Zoom to finalise a design concept for the board game, gaming pieces and playing cards. What’s more, our project team has worked together to co-design a box cover concept and packaging.

Comic Book

The project team has worked virtually with Dekko Comics to co-develop key themes, characterisation, and storytelling techniques behind what will become a series of short, armed forces-themed comic book stories to accompany the board game.

Our project team have arrived at the exciting stage of viewing draft storyboard visuals which were created following the creative sessions, and the plan is to further refine them into a final series of comic stories over the next couple of weeks.

Scottish Parliament Motion

We were delighted when our Forces Life Project received a motion of support from Alexander Stewart MSP in May, and we invited Alexander to visit our young people during the two-day residential at Edinburgh Napier University in July.

Our young people gained a valuable experience by taking the opportunity to showcase what they had created so far with Alexander as well as share some of their unique experiences and hopes for the project during an informal discussion session.

Better still, our two-day residential event attracted coverage from Forces TV, who featured our young people as well as staff members and Alexander within their respective piece, which aired on their website, TV, and social media channels.

Forces Children Scotland supports children and young people from serving, reservist and veteran families across Scotland.

Our Forces Life board game and comic book will be available from March 2022. For further information, please contact