2021 Virtual Conference Young People | Tiana Robbins

We are delighted to welcome Tiana Robbins as one of our young people to feature at our 2021 virtual conference in November.

Our conference is about putting trauma and trauma-informed practice into the context of children and young people from forces families and exploring the impact their unique experiences can have on mental health and wellbeing, relationships with others, and future pathways in life. If we embed trauma-informed practice in our work is that enough to support Armed Forces Children and Young people? Is there anything else we should be considering? Is there anything we need to be mindful of in relation to this group of children and young people’s unique experiences Whatever your background, our conference is an opportunity to join us in this exploration and conversation.

Why another conference on trauma-informed practice?

We know that trauma can affect any one of us and that the Scottish Government’s ambition, shared by many partners, is for a trauma-informed workforce and services across Scotland. At Forces Children Scotland, like many other organisations, we have been re-evaluating our organisational practice through a trauma lens and asking ourselves is there anything we need to take into consideration that is specific to the unique experiences of children and young people, from serving personnel, reservist and veteran families across Scotland? We have been exploring the research and listening to what our young people tell us.

Tiana Robbins

Tiana is currently in her sixth year at high school and got involved in the Forces Childen Scotland MYVoiceScotland forum as she wanted to make a difference to others who go through really tough situations due to being in the Military. She enjoys meeting other forum members and gaining different perspectives and wider awareness of the MoD as a whole. Her Dad is in the RAF, and she has experienced living apart from him due to his posting.

The main thing she wishes to accomplish by working with MYVoiceScotland forum is wider awareness and access to support, whether it’s deployment support being sought or just in general, at home, at school, or on the base. She wishes to give others a chance to speak about what bothers them so that they don’t feel they’ve been forgotten.

In her spare time, her passions are photography, horse riding, and art and she also enjoys hockey and rugby.

Who Should Attend the Conference?

Since being trauma-informed is a national ambition within Scotland, relevant to all of us, our conference will be of interest to a wide variety of people who wish to expand upon their continual professional development; from those working within education, social care, community, armed forces, and the third sector. Our virtual conference is an opportunity for professionals working with Armed Forces children, young people, and families to come together, hear about and share good practice.

• Primary/secondary education
• Further/higher education
• Community/Youth/third sector
• Clinical Practitioners (Psychology/Mental Health/Social Care)
• Military Welfare Personnel
• Undergraduate/Postgraduate Students
• Policy & Development


The Conference will be held virtually this year to ensure that it can go ahead safely due to the ever-changing situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For further information about our virtual conference, please email admin@forceschildrenscotland.org.uk