Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity

The Royal Caledonian Education Trust will lead a virtual continual professional development conference for teachers on 03 and 10 June 2021, which will explain how schools can use the Thriving Lives Toolkit to help children and young people, from serving personnel and veteran families, thrive across Scotland. The evidence-based Thriving Lives Toolkit will explain the seven principles of effective support for young people from Armed Forces families and provides schools with self-reflective questions linked to further guidance, case studies and resources. 

What is the Thriving Lives Toolkit?

The Thriving Lives Toolkit provides schools with a framework of seven principles through which to reflect on their practice and a three-tier set of continual professional development resources. The resources in this toolkit have been developed in collaboration with a range of partners across the UK, and consist of an introductory animation, a detailed resource introducing the evidence base, what schools can do to support their Service children and who can help and school case studies.

What the virtual conference will cover

June 3rd (3.30pm-5.30pm)
  • Setting the scene – The Educational Landscape in Scotland.
  • The Service Children’s Progression Alliance and Thriving Lives.
  • Session 1: Understanding Service children’s lives and how the Alliance helps.
  • Session 2: How schools can use the Thriving Lives toolkit to help children from Armed Forces families thrive.
  • Question and answer session.

June 10th (3.30pm-5.30pm)
  • Session 3: Using the Toolkit and who can help schools support young people thrive.
  • Case study workshops exploring the fit with HGIOS4 and the voices of young people and schools:
  • A. Alignment between HGIOS 4 and the Thriving Lives toolkit
  • B. How Children and Young People plan to be involved in Principle 5  
  • C.  School context
  • Question and answer session.

This event will be hosted by the Royal Caledonian Education Trust, Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity, in collaboration with the SCiP Alliance. 

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