Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity

University Mental Health Day brings the university community together to open conversation and encourage meaningful change towards the future of student mental health.

No student should never feel alone. 

The campaign’s aim is to inspire conversation and encourage others to take action and create change. Now more than ever it’s important to get the nation talking about student mental health.

Students, from serving and veteran families, should never feel alone.

Forces Children Scotland is committed to ensuring no student from a serving, reservist or veteran family will feel alone, when it comes to accessing anything which helps support mental health and wellbeing.

We currently do so through two main ways:

University and College Fund

Your Mind Matters Project

Have your say in what more we could do

Forces Children Scotland is calling on university students from serving, reservist and veteran families to open a conversation about doing more to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Are you currently studying at university and from a serving or veteran family? Please click our ‘have your say’ button below to open a conversation about how we can better support your mental health and wellbeing.


Further support can be accessed through Samaritans and Young Minds.

Your Mind Matters

Mental health & wellbeing service graphic

RCET is creating a bespoke mental health and wellbeing service, for Armed Forces young people across Scotland, and you can help!

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Forces Life

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We're looking for Armed Forces families to help design a new board game and comic book resource to help friends, classmates and professionals better understand military life.

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