Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity

The Royal Caledonian Education Trust: Scotland’s Armed Forces Charity’s new R&R Young Carers Fund officially opens on as of today.  

We are delighted to be able to launch our R&R Young Carers Fund through generous support from the Scottish Government Veterans Fund managed by Veterans Scotland.

Armed Forces Young Carers can apply for up to £250 to spend on a respite item or activity of their choice. This can be alone, with friends, or with their cared-for person or another family member.

With the current COVID-19 restrictions in mind, the activity does not have to be a holiday break or day activity, it can be anything that suits the young carer’s needs. Examples can be found in the Guidance Notes

Colin Flinn, Chief Executive of the Royal Caledonian Education Trust said, “We are delighted to be able to launch our new R&R Young Carers Fund. Being a young carer – whilst hugely rewarding – can also be tough and getting the right break at the right time is so important. We very much hope that many Armed Forces Young Carers are able to take this opportunity to recharge their batteries and enjoy doing something just for themselves.”

Applications need to be signed off by a Supporter, such as a Guidance Teacher or Support Worker, and we encourage Supporters to help young people fill out the form to increase the likelihood of meaningful respite for that young person.

For any questions or feedback about this Fund, please email or call 0131 322 7350.

Download the R&R Fund Application Form HERE.

Download the R&R Guidance Notes HERE.

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