Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity

Our young people at the Children in Scotland Conference with boxes that they used to share their experiences with delegates.

For this Youth Work Week, we want to draw attention to the fantastic work of our young people from Military Youth Voice Scotland, and our local Youth Participation Forums across Scotland.

Military Youth Voice Scotland are RCET’s national youth participation forum (The group recently collectively agreed on their name, and we look forward to helping them to launch this group formally soon!) They work together to share their experiences on a national scale as well as working to enact country-wide change for Armed Forces Young People. Our Youth Participation Programme has an asset-based approach which supports young people to build upon their existing strengths to enable them to reach their full potential and THRIVE.

We are particularly proud of our young people for publicly speaking at not one, but two conferences this year attended by hundreds of professionals including the most recent Children in Scotland Annual Conference on 6th November.

At our recent own Practitioner’s Conference on 5th November, our young people called for positive change for future generations of Armed Forces Young People including: the introduction of peer support groups that would give Armed Forces Young People the opportunity to share how they feel; educational transition groups between different UK education systems, and better communication between NHS Scotland and NHS England for those in caring positions.

If you or someone you know is an Armed Forces Young Person is interested in getting involved with our Youth Participation Programme, then contact Nina on 07990 031658 or email at

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