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We are delighted to announce that we have received £10,000 from the BFBS Big Salute Fund to support the running of our Crisis Intervention Programme supporting Veteran families in Scotland.

The Crisis Intervention Programme which forms part of our Children & Family Support Service exists to support families who are struggling to cope emotionally and financially. The Programme was launched in 2018 in response to clear need from families accessing our other support services. Currently, 83% of the families we support are struggling with poverty, low income, unemployment or debt and 92% are dealing with physical or mental ill health adding further pressure to their family situations.

Many of the families that we support are dealing with a range of different issues which is making life really challenging for them, and their children which is why this Programme is so important. Since its inception the Programme has been in high demand and the grant provided by BFBS Big Salute Fund will help us to support even more families struggling in 2020, and help them and their children to feel hopeful about the future again.

The Programme can support any Armed Forces family in need with a range of support including children’s beds and bedroom furniture, warm winter clothing and other immediate family needs. Any applications from families should be made through your local SSAFA branch.

Colin Flinn, Chief Executive of the Royal Caledonian Education Trust has said “We are absolutely delighted to have received £10,000 towards our Crisis Intervention Programme from the BFBS Big Salute Fund. Our Crisis Intervention Programme supports our shared communities’ most vulnerable families and gives them a helping hand when they need it most. By supporting these families during challenging times we help to ensure that their children are not disadvantaged by circumstances going on at home, and can get on, reach their full potential and THRIVE. A huge thank you the BFBS community for this transformational gift – we look forward to being able to support more families because of your support.”

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