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Cordelia is currently studying her final year in French at Bristol University, who received a grant from Royal Caledonian Education Trust’s College and University Student’s Fund earlier this year.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted many families across the UK and Cordelia, who is one of three siblings currently at university, submitted an application as a result of her family falling in to financial hardship.

The grant has ensured Cordelia returned to complete her final year and progress towards a positive future which, as she reflects, would have proven impossible without support from Royal Caledonian Education Trust.

“I am incredibly, incredibly grateful that such a grant exists because it truly has made an enormous difference and I would not be here at Bristol University without the incredibly generous help from Royal Caledonian Education Trust.”

Cordelia has very kindly shared an audio recording below in which she shares her story and describes how funds have been used to purchase learning resources as well as support transportation and accommodation costs.

There are many emotions experienced when studying towards a degree at university and Cordelia also talks about how the support provided has made a huge difference to her mental health and wellbeing.

Royal Caledonian Education Trust’s College and University Student’s Fund provides support to young people, from serving personnel and veteran families, who have the passion, commitment and drive to achieve a qualification at college or university.

Whether that support means covering accommodation, travel and general living expenses to funding the purchase of equipment and learning resources, we are committed to breaking down barriers when it comes to supporting Armed Forces young people flourish and realise their full potential at college or university.

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