Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity

Coronavirus is placing additional pressures on thousands of veteran families across Scotland already at breaking point. They will struggle to put food on their tables, keep the lights on, their homes warm and to meet the essential needs of their children, especially now that schools are closed and incomes are being cut or taken away altogether.

Can you help us? 

We’ll be responding by providing food vouchers, paying for utilities bills and supplying children’s clothing to ensure that families can stay warm, clothed and fed for as long as this crisis continues. We are committing further funds to support veteran families facing hardship as a result of COVID-19 but our own resources are stretched too. 

We know that this is a challenging time for everyone and you don’t have to give a lot. You could give the price of a takeaway coffee or a bus fare. Whatever you are able to give, it will make a big difference to the families we support. You can donate here.

We will use every penny to try to support every vulnerable family in our Armed Forces community get through this crisis. 

Your Mind Matters

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