Show Your Support for Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is a chance to show your support to the UK Armed Forces community.

Armed Forces Day is about recognising the courage, dedication and commitment of our UK Armed Forces who defend the United Kingdom and its interests overseas. Right now, personnel are operating around the world, promoting peace, delivering aid, tackling drug smuggling, providing security and fighting terrorism.

Armed Forces Day is also about recognising the importance of family, community and the variety of military charities who are supporting our serving personnel or ensuring the life-long support needs of veterans and their families are met across the United Kingdom.

As Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity, our vision is to make Scotland a place where all children and young people, from serving personnel, reservist and veteran families can thrive, fully realise their potential and aspire towards a wide range of positive futures.

The Royal Caledonian Education Trust works directly with children and young people, from serving personnel, reservist and veteran families across Scotland. We co-produce projects and services based on the unique challenges experienced with regard to mental health and wellbeing, education and learning.

We nurture confidence and provide a platform to help others understand what children and young people from serving personnel, reservist and veteran families across Scotland are going through and help bring about big changes locally, regionally and nationally.

We facilitate life-changing experiences, to learn new skills, develop in confidence and forge new friendships through shared experience and solidarity. We also support growing numbers of young people who may be caring for loved ones, experiencing financial hardship or gaining qualifications at university or college.

No matter what type of support is required, we listen and put their unique experiences first. We’re there for them every step of the way as they overcome significant challenges and we celebrate their success as they thrive and progress towards positive futures. 

We hope you will consider showing your support for our work by making a small donation to our charity, which will enable us to support the children and young people of serving personnel, reservists and veterans during these unprecedented times.