Meet our New Digital Participation Worker, Cara

We are pleased to introduce our brand-new Digital Participation Worker for the Your Minds Matter Project, Cara Pleym.

Cara will be working directly with armed forces young people and their families to develop a new digital resilience and wellbeing tool. This project has been established in response to recent consultations highlighting that 83% of young people feel their wellbeing is adversely affected by challenges, many of which are specific to service life.

This exciting new project is being delivered in partnership with SAMH who have also recruited a new Wellbeing Worker, Lynne Clement. Cara will be working closely with SAMH and Lynne to focus on person-centred wellbeing support in the West of Scotland and co-production of a bespoke digital platform which will be available nationwide.

Cara’s prior experience includes tutoring entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde, volunteering as a mentor with MCR Pathways and delivering digital engagement solutions from crowdfunding coaching to social media strategy. Developing from a research and marketing background, Cara has recently shifted focus to a range of creative, voluntary, and technology-related projects. With an eye for good communication in all forms, Cara is also currently writing her first novel in her free time and hopes to publish poetry one day.

Joining us remotely in the current Covid climate, Cara comments, “I am passionate about engaging with young people and the power of technology to enable and empower when used appropriately. I believe I can bring my digital skillset to create new opportunities and hopefully in time, combine this with the magic of connecting face to face”.

“At interview, I asked the panel to identify the top skills required for this role and the answers I received were empathy, active listening and the ability to deliver an excellent product. I am confident that remote working is no barrier to achieving success in these elements. I look forward to the journey ahead, building on the strong foundation that RCET has already developed for both digital and in-person participation with their network of armed forces young people and stakeholders”.

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