Launch of Advisory Service

Over recent years RCET has been receiving an increasing number of requests for advice on a wide range of issues from a wide range of individuals and organisations. Requests include advice on resources, training, coping with separation when a parent is working away from home, funding, transitions, additional support needs and many more. Much of the time we are able to deal with these requests ourselves but occasionally we need to signpost to other organisations.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we are launching our enhanced Advisory Service with the publication of a comprehensive partner/stakeholder directory. You can download it here.

We have made every effort to include all our existing partners but should you feel that your organisation has been omitted please contact Moira Leslie on

“The RCET Advisory service was hugely helpful with my inquiries. As a University student, I was writing an assignment upon service children in education. The excellent insight and expertise provided by the Advisory service was significantly useful for my research. The Education Manager also kindly sent me some resources and handouts that have since caused productive conversations amongst my colleagues and peers on how best to support service children.

I am hugely grateful to the advisory service for their assistance and support.”