Tiana Robbins, a Forum Member of Military Youth Voice Scotland shares why she joined our Youth Participation Programme:

I got involved in the forum as I wanted to make a difference to others who go through really touch situations due to being in the Military. I enjoy meeting the others, gaining different perspectives and wider awareness of the MoD as a whole.

The main thing I wish to accomplish by working with MYVoiceScotand is wider awareness and access to support, whether it’s deployment support being sought or just in general, at home, at school or on the base. I wish to give others a chance to speak about what bothers them and the feeling that they haven’t been forgotten.

Others should get involved as it’s a chance to gain valuable life skills, be there and make a serious change for many to come.

This group has made me realise that you don’t have to go through everything alone, there are others that understand the situations you go through and to treasure the current and not live in the past or the future.