Grace Liddle, a Forum Member of Military Youth Voice Scotland shares why she joined our Youth Participation Programme:

I got involved in Military Youth Voice Scotland – RCET’s National Youth Voice Forum – because I wanted to be able to express my opinion and listen to other people’s opinions. It also seemed like a great opportunity to bond, make new friendships and talk to people in similar situations as me.

I like being a part of the group because it allows people to understand young people’s points of view which I think is very important. It allows me to grow my confidence as well.

I hope – through the Forum – to allow young people to know they are not alone and give them the support they want and need. I hope to make sure teachers are aware how we feel when loved ones go on deployment , the constant fear of moving and just how stressful and crazy military life is for a young person.

I think other people should get involved because it gave me a better understanding of military life, not just in the Army but in the RAF and Navy as well. I have been given some amazing opportunities and most importantly it has grown my confidence and helped me make some great friends.