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Children’s Books


Book Author
Countdown ‘Til Daddy Comes Home Kirstin Ayyar
I miss you! Beth Andrews
Everybody Feels Happy Jane Bingham
Bailey the Big Bully Lizi Boyd
Sometimes We Were Brave Pat Brisson
My Red Balloon Eve Bunting
My Daddy Is a Soldier Suzi Campbell
My Dad’s a Hero Rebecca Christianson
Year of the Jungle Suzanne Collins
Dear Daddy… Philippe Dupasquier
I Feel Sad Mike Gordon
Who Feels Scared? Sue Graves
But What If? A Book about Feeling Worried. Sue Graves
What to Do When You Worry Too Much Dawn Heubner
My Daddy is a Soldier Kirk Hilbrecht
My Daddy is an Airman Kirk Hilbrecht
I Have Feelings Jane Hunter
The Huge Bag of Worries Virginia Ironside
How are you feeling today Sara Jennings
The Invisible String Patricia Karst
My Dad’s Deployment Activity Book Julie LaBelle
Looking at Countries: Afghanistan
100 Days and 99 Nights. Alan Madison
My Daddy’s Going Away Christopher Macgregor
My Daddy is a Hero Rachel Mann
Soldier Oli Kirsty Marwell
My Daddy is a Soldier Brittany Mayfield
Have you filled a bucket today Carol McLeod
My Father Is In The Navy Robin McKinley
I’m Bored Brian Moses
Shadow Michael Morpurgo
Where are You? A Child’s Book about Loss Laura Olivieri
Why Do We Have to Move? Joy O’Neil
Love Spots Karen Panier
When Dad’s at Sea Mindy Pelton
Veterans: Heroes in our Neighbourhood. Valerie Pfundstein
How Are You Feeling Today? Molly Potter
Daddy Is My Hero Dawn Richards
Michael Rosen’s Sad Book Michael Rosen
A Paper Hug. Stephanie Skolmoski
While You are Away Eileen Spinelli
I Miss You – A First Look at Death Pat Thomas
Come Home Soon – Parent in the Armed Forces Pat Thomas
A Volcano In My Tummy Elaine Whitehouse
The Fathers Are Coming Home Margaret Wise Brown


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