Obstacles Armed Forces Children face in Education

  1. Armed Forces Children move on average 5 times around different schools, curriculums, countries and even continents. One child we currently support moved 27 times!
  2. Many Armed Forces children will have to deal with long-term separation from a parent through deployments (where a parent is working away for months at time, often very far away and sometimes in dangerous situations with not very much communication with family at home) and/or weekending (where a parent works away from home during the week and only returns at weekends) which they tell us can be stressful, worrying and may mean they have more responsibilities’ at home.
  3. 4 out of 10 Armed Forces children who are able to progress to university, do not do so despite early stated intentions (McCullouch & Hall, 2016)
  4. Lots of Armed Forces children tell us that they feel that teachers, and other professionals supporting them don’t really understand how their background might affect them practically, and emotionally with their studies.