Cadence, a Forum Member of Military Youth Voice Scotland shares why she joined our Youth Participation Programme:

I got involved in Military Youth Voice Scotland – RCET’s National Youth Voice Forum – as I was able to meet other young people that experienced similar experiences as me and make new friendships. The Forum also allows me to express any opinions I have on important topics involving military life and those opinions can be used to help others who may be going through difficult situations.

Through the Forum I would like to achieve accessible support for those with a military background to help them express their feelings on things such as deployment and big moves. I would also like to achieve a wider spread of awareness about how such backgrounds can affect experiences in places like schools.

I believe others should get involved with Military Youth Voice Scotland because it’s such an amazing group to be a part of. You are able to gain confidence in expressing your opinions and it also gives you many opportunities that you may not have been able to experience before.

This group has given me the opportunity to meet people like me and build friendships. It has helped me to develop my confidence and I can see a change in myself as my confidence grows and I am able to do more to make the changes I want to see.