We know there are so many unique challenges to life in a serving or veteran family, and one way our Family Support Service can help is through respite holidays.

Who we can support

We can support families with loved ones living with life-changing psychological or physical conditions as well as life-limiting illnesses to share quality time together.

We can also support young carers from serving and veteran families to take a well-earned respite holiday break from their caring responsibilities with their families.

To make this happen, we work in partnership with SSAFA and The Travel Company Edinburgh to help serving and veteran families to organise a holiday of their choosing within the United Kingdom.

Case Study: The McAlpines

Amy and Molly McAlpine care for their Mum, whom we helped to take valuable time away from their caring responsibilities with their parents.

“Support from Forces Children Scotland meant Amy and Molly were able to have a carefree holiday and were able to act like children for a week without the added financial stress of us paying for the holiday in the first place. They have consistently told everyone how amazing the holiday was and how great the caravan was too. They had a room each whilst we were away which they both loved, as this is not something that we have at home. They smiled the whole time we were at Haggerston Castle.

“The difference the holiday made to myself was incredible. We were able to have a full week away, which is not something we would have managed financially this year due to my illnesses. We were able to have a week at a caravan park which was very carefree and we were able to enjoy a wide range of activities. Seeing the girls faces light up throughout the whole trip away made me feel so much better emotionally too. It did cost us a bit of money but nothing in comparison to what the trip should have cost us, so the support was very much appreciated. 

“My advice to anyone thinking about enquiring about support from Forces Children Scotland would be to go for it. It was honestly so unexpected but we could not be more appreciative of the support. The whole week would not have been possible without the support from the charity and we could not be more grateful.”

If you are from a serving, reservist or veteran family and would like further information, please click on our ‘Contact our Family Support Service’ button below.