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Support Armed Forces families through the COVID-19 Crisis

These are not ordinary times. The impacts of COVID-19 financially and emotionally are putting a strain on many families in the Armed Forces community.

Veteran families that are being pushed further into poverty unable to see how they will continue to feed their children. Serving families dealing with vulnerable loved ones at home, and a loved one deployed overseas. Children, worried and scared, out of school and out of a routine.

RCET have launched a Crisis Fund to support families most at risk, and where possible services like our Youth Participation Programme will be made available digitally.

We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that Armed Forces families stay safe, and that Armed Forces children and young people can reach their full potential. Can you help us by making a donation?

Your support could mean that we can support another family pushed into crisis by circumstances out with their control or another child to get the support and structure that they need during these unprecedented time.

If you are able to, please consider making a gift to us monthly or quarterly providing vital, and much needed support for our work all year round.

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Other ways to make a donation

  • By Cheque to The Royal Caledonian Education Trust, 15 Hill Street, EDINBURGH, EH2 3JP
  • By calling us on 0131 322 7350
  • By post through our Postal Donation Form. Email us: for a copy
  • By considering making a gift to us when making your Will providing a vital legacy of your support for the future. Find out more about leaving a legacy