Helping Armed Forces Learners #DreamBig in Education

Armed Forces children and young people can face unique barriers during their education.

Repeatedly moving schools and the changes in curriculums and qualifications can have a big impact on a young person’s ability to learn. Young people tell us their confidence suffers and they struggle to adapt to new schools and lessons which may not always meet their needs and abilities. Some young people are put into classes where they end up repeating topics they have done before or are given work far beyond their current level. Many don’t see the point in settling into new schools as they will only be moving again in the near future.

This lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities can and does impact their futures. Research from our friends at the SCiP Alliance shows that four out of ten young people who have the ability to go onto higher education including college and university don’t, despite saying they had wanted to in the past.

We know you’ll agree: this is NOT good enough. All Armed Forces young people should have the opportunity and confidence to #DreamBig about their future whatever they want do in life.

Our Education Programme exists to help make sure that Armed Forces young people can achieve their goals and grow in confidence throughout their time at school in Scotland.

To do this we mainly work with teachers and other professionals to give them the confidence and skills to support Armed Forces learners in their classrooms especially with important life changes and difficult periods such as periods of separation and moves and deployments.

Want to help us make sure that Armed Forces children can #DreamBig about their futures?

Join us in helping Armed Forces young people build confident journeys by:

  • Giving a regular donation and helping children to THRIVE.
  • Making a one-off gift by purchasing something from our Amazon Wishlist.
  • Dreaming BIG yourself and taking part in a Challenge Event such as the Forth Rail Bridge Abseil
  • Giving one of our Collection Tins a home in your community.

To find out how we can support you to support us please call on 0131 322 7350 or contact

If you, or a young person you know needs support then please contact our Education Programme Team on or by calling our office on the number above.

Look out for more posts soon about how our #DreamBig campaign is helping young people have brighter futures!