Book of the Month: October

It’s time for another review of our one of the books from our Education Programme’s Resource Boxes.

This month’s book review by Amy, 13, on Billie Templar’s War by Ellie Irving:

“Have you ever wanted something really, really badly, that you would do almost anything to make it happen? I have, and so did Billie the main character in the book Billie Templar’s War.

Billie’s dad is on deployment and she misses him so much and wants to get him to come home. She tries lots of things and then decides to contact the Queen to see if she could get her dad back home.

This story is sometimes very funny and sometimes very sad and it has lots of twists and turns which make it a really good read.

In the end Billie understands why her dad has to go away and she eventually accepts that and is very proud of him.

I would really recommend this book but be prepared for some tears – happy tears, but also tears of sadness.”