Book of the Month: May

It’s time for another review of one of the books from our Education Programme’s Resource Boxes! This month’s review was written by 16-year-old Mac on The Teenage Guide to Stress by Nicola Morgan.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I found it to be both entertaining and educational as I learned a lot about how to normalise being a teenager. It explains the natural processes of becoming a teenager on the body. The book goes over many useful topics such as exam stress, depression, anxiety, social media, low self-esteem and many more things that are especially relevant to teens at the moment. Overall, I would recommend this book to teenagers around my age (13-16) as I found it very useful and I think others may feel the same.”

RCET Education Manager Comment:  Equally useful for teenagers and adults this book deals with a wide range of issues faced by young people and how these issues can cause stress.  It includes some of the science behind stress and strategies to help young people cope.