Book of the Month: July

From today, we will be sharing monthly reviews from children and young people on the books included in our Education Programme’s Resource Boxes (below).

This month’s review is by an S2 pupil from Inverness is on Shadow by Michael Morpurgo.

Summary of Plot:

Aman is a boy living in Afghanistan when war breaks out and the Taliban force him to leave. He meets a dog, who he calls Shadow, because she follows him like a shadow. Aman and Shadow escape to the U.K. After six years living in the U.K. Aman is arrested, separated from Shadow and told he will have to return to Afghanistan. Can Aman’s friend Matt and his Grandad save Aman from getting deported and reunite him with Shadow?

Favourite character or incident:

The dog, Shadow, is incredibly loyal. She stays with Aman throughout the story, even when Aman has nothing to offer her except company.

Would you recommend this book?

I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who wants to read a story about friendship, loyalty and surviving and battling against the odds.