Book of the Month: September

It’s time for another review of our one of the books from our Education Programme’s Resource Boxes.

This month’s book review by an S3 pupil from Inverness is of Boy Soldier by Andy McNab.

Summary of Plot:

Danny wants to join the army but is told he can’t because his grandfather betrayed his country. He decides to track Fergus (his grandfather) down and is tracked himself by another party who want to dispose of a loose end forever. When Danny finally meets his grandfather, however, there is a surprise in store for him and he realises that he had been lied to about everything to do with Fergus.

Favourite character or incident:

I like the part where Danny, Elena and Eddie Moyes break Fergus out of a prison

Would you recommend this book?

It is a good book and for anyone who is interested in the military/MI6 I would very much recommend this book or if you’re just after a thriller then it is also good.

Keep an eye out for our another book review next month!